Visit bmw munich

visit bmw munich

museum, for a fee, which does not exceed 15,00 EUR per day. The Exhibits, the BMW Museum features many amazing exhibits including hagebaumarkt lübeck bei der lohmühle 11a one, in particular, that looks toward the future of BMW. There are several prominent exhibits including the BMW M exhibit where the motor is the focus, the BMW i-exhibit where technology is the focus, and then theres the Mini exhibit which is dedicated to the Mini Cooper. Delays can only be made up to a certain extent, as the plant tour is linked with production cycles.

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There is also an exhibit dedicated to Rolls Royce, and visitors to the museum can see some of BMWs most impressive models like the e46, the wide range of BMW motorcycles, and the electric BMWs. The museum features an app that can provide a multi-language tour of the facility, or guests can sign up for a group guided tour when you arrive. The required minimum age to participate in a guide tour is 4, 6 or 14 years. Visitors are not allowed to take pictures or make films. Please arrive 15 minutes before start of the guided tour at the meeting point, defined in the confirmation of your booking. Persons with pacemakers / insulin pumps. A roadster made of glass balls hangs in the balance and takes the shape of the classic car. New Mini In BMW Museum munichfoto. Munich, visit for: 1h 30min, museums, munich Residenz. There is a short break so please provide your own snack.

visit bmw munich

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