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globus baumarkt trier telefonnummer

inches to hit the center of target. Once again dont force the bolt. I have been nothing but happy with their stocks. (Inches x MOA)100 Yards (5 inches x 1 MOA) yards you can drop the last step and make the calculations easier by moving the decimal on the yards two places to the left. If you shoot.25 inch group at 25 yards, what MOA did you shoot? Youre going to shoot your rifle at 1000 yards. The Go Gauge only costs 22 at MidwayUSA and is perfectly in spec. Wenn möglich schreibe mir die folgenden Infos in einen Kommentar: Ist das Mitbringen von eigenen Produkten erlaubt? Since weight wasnt an issue on this rifle I wanted a 1 piece steel scope mount. They also have some Remington M700 just laying around collecting dust they can use for their build. You should only lightly try to close the bolt as forcing it closed can damage your bolt and receiver.

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B (4 inches x 1 MOA) yards. Place the shim in the end of your bolt face. There are other options for bases that cost less and that will work fine. Make sure you are turning the barrel nut in the correct direction. It only costs a few dollars. If you are already a Minute of Angle Expert, take our. The bolt should not close on the No Go Gauge. 10 MOA.5 MOA.

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