Molecule cologne

molecule cologne

all are middle or base notes so should persist a long time. Just have to get used to the initial unique smell at the top, and then it settles down a bit. Not my experience at all. Some of these molecules smell similar to others, but all of them have unique nuances that you may prefer or dislike. I still love this though, one of my favorite scents ever! It's almost a 100 safe blind buy. It is one of the most interesting, addictive, unique smells my nose has ever smelled! I'm finding that most fragrances are weak and have low longevity in general. It's not for teens or college kids.

M: Escentric Molecules Eau

molecule cologne

Closer Than You Think, agro Ingredients, closer Than You Think 2018 Lonza. Projects really well for 3-4 hours. Its not that kind of scent. Maybe it's just my skin, or I expect more out of these. Cosmone - sweet warm musk, grisalva - ambergris leather, iso E Super - subtle woody amber (Molecule 01). It's not too serious or overpowering either, but is for the man that is mature, regardless of age. You can make other Molecule scents by changing Iso E Super to whatever the perfumer lists (Ambroxan is one). A few things that make all this a bit easier to do or nicer to use: - a few small glass reagent bottles with caps - disposable pipettes (little plastic bulb thingies that make it easier to transfer liquids and count drops) - a fillable. Don't add too much water or the Iso E Super will start precipitating (the solution will get cloudy, if that happens just add back some ethanol and it will clear up). Or you can buy 10 liters from Escentric for 1,550 (yes, that is a 100x markup from material costs - actually much more because they will get wholesale prices). How to make Molecule 01: Buy a bottle of Iso E Super from Perfumer's Apprentice on-line. Cetalox - (aka Ambrox) close to Ambroxan (but a different molecule).

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