Weyersberg kirschbaum solingen bayonet markings

weyersberg kirschbaum solingen bayonet markings

green leather with extension bar fitted to the throat of the scabbard with American style wire belt hook, tip fitting has sadly had exposure to damp and has pitted on the tip though this does not detract overall. The rear is sewn. The M1912 rifle was based on the German Gewehr 98, so the existing M1895 bayonets would not work with the M1912 rifle. Scabbard retains its full black paint finish with the spring boot clips undamaged and strong.

weyersberg kirschbaum solingen bayonet markings

Illustrations of maker markings and Royal Cyphers. M1895: This example was made by the Austrian firm Oesterreichsche Waffenfabrik-Gesellschaft of Steyr. Examples produced by Steyr are seldom encountered, suggesting that Steyr made far fewer M1895 bayonets than, weyersberg Kirschbaum.

Gaststätte klosterbräu solingen
Sportkurse solingen ohligs

It shows some minor wear to the details of the eye and feathering to the eagle pommel. The upper mount is fitted with a lug which anchors the original frog. This bayonet saw some life during the Third Reich time! The crossguard has the traditional raised oak leaves, which follow its length up to the quillon tip. Attached to the scabbard is the original black leather frog, which remains in very choice condition. There is a little tap-tap on the back of the pommel, but not much. The blade is the usual 13 inch long type, cut down from the original 17 inch length. Blade is in excellent condition with a nice clear etch, fouled anchor design, some marks to the blade, see images. 125.00 Enquire about this item EW0028 WW1 S84/98nA 'NCO' Sawback bayonet A scarce and sought after German S84/98nA sawback bayonet, excellent condition, nicely maker marked, complimented by the rarer leather scabbard which is in beautiful condition and regimentally marked. A very collectable Police sidearm.

The guard is stamped "G. This blade has good, nickel plated finish, showing some minor age in the surfaces, but still grades in excellent plus condition. A nice early SA dagger to a scarce maker. Baionette Italiane, Calamandrei, 1992, battlefield Weapons Uniforms, Smits, 1978.