Olympiastadion munich

olympiastadion munich

with 11 points. It hosted the, european Cup Finals in 1979,. In 2010, it was announced that a round of the DTM touring car series will hold a stadium event in 2011. In 1964, Munich wrote an architectural competition for the planning of a large stadium, which won the offices Henschker from Brunswick and Deiss from Munich. The snow was made in the stadium by combining the hot air with the cold refrigerated water that causes the snow to act like the icy type you would see in the Alps. Retrieved 1972 Summer Olympics official report. Olympiapark München in northern Munich, the stadium was built as the main venue for the 1972 Summer Olympics.

olympiastadion munich

This should correspond to the Reichssportfeld in Berlin. "DTM: Moskau statt München" (in German). Their stadium design was integrated into an overall concept.

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However, the juror Egon Eiermann intervened and campaigned, among others, Lord Mayor Hans-Jochen Vogel and NOK President Willi Daume for the model. 7 In 1958, the Bavarian party revived again the theme of a large stadium. This pit made construction easier. Münchener Olympiastadionof Olympic Stadium Münchener Olympiastadion. Otto developed parts of the roof by means of the trial-and-error principle by making ever larger models of the roof construction, while Andrä and Leonhardt developed the roof through the CAD program elsewhere. In the following season won the TSV 1860 the championship and FC Bayern the national dr alex neuss cup competition.

In October 1965, Lord Mayor Hans-Jochen Vogel and Willi Daume, President of the National Olympic Committee, decided to test the city for suitability for the Games. Summer Olympics, which should be held in 1972, could be worthwhile. The original plans of the Olympic Park and the stadium came because of lack of urban planning unity in the criticism. Therefore, the largest stadium in the city was now again 45,000 seats, of which only 3,800 seats were seated, found too small.