Light's hammer bfa

light's hammer bfa

between Holy Avenger and Avenging Wrath and have a cooldown up for every single trash pack. Unbreakable Spirit passively reduces the cooldown of your. Holy Avenger is an active ability with a 90-second cooldown that increases your haste and the healing of your Holy Shock by 30 for 20 seconds. Show more Show less. As such, Devotion Aura should be considered the default talent pick for this row. Copy URL, i used Hammer on 1 fight in Antorus, Vari. Im actually excited to continue using and testing out this spell and I look forward to the mana cost reduction coming up in the next patch. All of these tests were conducted on the PTR public test realm for Patch.2.5.

Furthermore, Sanctified Wrath allows the Paladin to do more damage than Avenging Crusader. Now lets talk about the damage of this spell.

Additionally, Efflorescence is only a healing spell whereas Lights Hammer does both damage and healing. While Rule of Law is active, the maximum effectiveness radius is extended by 50, to 15 yards, and only after that does your healing start to decrease. Holy Prism is competitive, but it is less Mana-efficient than either of the other talents on this row. When the target is attacked, the attacker is healed and one charge is consumed. Holy Prism is an active ability with a 20-second cooldown. And if you somehow got all crits,.2m dmg over 14 seconds.

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