Munich airport to salzburg by car

munich airport to salzburg by car

than getting from Salzburg to Munich by train. 1.) From Munich to Salzburg by Train. Several taxi companies in Salzburg will offer transfers from the airport or any other point in Salzburg to Kitzbühel. Additionally, there are other means of transport you might want to consider. The costs for the Snow Shuttle are 13 Euros for a round trip (prices given above for trains were one way, keep that in mind for comparing them).

The train fare for the journey from Salzburg to Kitzbühel is approximately 25 Euros for one way, unless you have a discount card or eligibility to other discounts. This is only marginally more than the train ticket and saves you a lot of time. Small-town air and world-class sights are within Munichs walkable centre, including street cafes, beer halls, and art museums. That being said, you wouldnt want to rush through this area anyway: The many lakes, picturesque villages and gentle hills make this part of Bavaria one of the nicest areas of Germany. This leads to train journeys of approximately 160 (direct link) to 230 (one change) kilometres. Stopping by Lake Chiemsee will add another benefit to a car. If you travel on roads, the distance would be a mere 84 kilometres. Trains between Munich and Salzburg depart from the very early mornings until late evenings essentially on an hourly basis (or even more regularly than that during rush hours).

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Note that the "Autobahn" on this route is less exciting than its legendary reputation - in most sections, you do have speed limits. Home general info vacation planning salzburg to munich, salzburg is a very pretty place and you could easily spend more than a week exploring the city and its surroundings. We have found a shuttle taxi that does mini-van transports from Salzburg Airport to Kitzbühel for 30 Euros per person one way. Links Official Website of Austrian National Railways ÖBB Website of Salzburg Airport, with flight timetables Postbus, Austrias biggest bus company tesla service freiburg back to general info). This link is perfect for people who use Salzburg as a base for a vacation with a sightseeing focus and want to add a few days of skiing. Most international car rental companies have offices in Salzburg and Munich; just do a web search on the usual suspects and you will find plenty of websites. Direct trains take about 2 hours and 14 minutes, trains with a change approximately 15 minutes longer (in that time, you could get from Salzburg to Vienna). Roads and railways between Salzburg and Munich are excellent; the latter are more popular with the kind of independently travelling overseas tourists that make the target audience for this website. For this article, we have done a quick search and called a few companies, and the rates tend to vary a great deal if sold as a package. Many tourists from overseas want to combine a day or two. This shuttle bus departs from the city and goes straight to one of the fancy skiing resorts, but only one at a day. The route that the train takes is a rather pleasant one, passing by Lake Chiemsee and various picturesque stretches of Bavarian landscape.