Abandoned theme park berlin tour

abandoned theme park berlin tour

get a shot not crowded with other people taking photos. My fellow tourists seemed very interested in Christophers insights and (judging by the laughter) amusing anecdotes. Having read some of the stories on the Spreepark website and others I have an idea of what was being said. Its decline started after the unification of Germany. I had checked the weather forecast before booking the tour and as promised when I woke up the sun was shining (but it was cold perfect for taking some photos. 7/23 slides Shutterstock, the park was hugely popular during the Cold War. 6/23 slides iStock, spreepark, Berlin, Germany.

Touring a 60-acre abandoned amusement park in, berlin - cnet

abandoned theme park berlin tour

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9/23 slides Shutterstock. There are now security guards with dogs, barbed wire, and a elektroingenieur jobs frankfurt brand new fence and camera at the main entrance. The people who made Spreepark in Berlin were probably just insane. 11/23 slides Shutterstock, the town of Pripyat is very close to Chernobyl. 17/23 slides Shutterstock, takakanonuma Greenland, Japan, the location of this park is unknown. Originally constructed by the communist government in East Germany in 1969, the park stood until the fall of the Berlin Wall 20 years later. Update September 2018: Security is visible and strong, due to recent vandalism, when someone burned a bridge inside the park. The result of this shutdown is the majestic wonderland Spreepark is today. Each part of the park is scattered with remnants from the previous three decades, making a hodgepodge of bizarre entertainment, childrens rides, and life-size dinosaur statues. The whole park was recently featured in the film Hanna, and the main sites are prominent in the films climax. Full screen 1/23 slides Shutterstock, scary abandoned amusement parks, all over the world there are amusement parks with famous rides and a fun time for all.